examples of some of common lumix repairs we get in

We now offer a repair now for the PANASONIC TZ30 zoom error fault which is causing many cameras to fail. No more resetting the camera anymore which some places are offering which fails again . We have a modification which permanently cures the fault .

cost for this is £58 to £68 with our standard 6mth warranty


TZ60  /  TZ70  / tz80

system error zoom  / lens stuck jammed etc    on these models the lens tend to fial either from impact damage   sand or grit from beachs  or some times just fail  . Due to panasonics very good parts cost on the lens unit its quicker and cheaper on labour cost just  to replace the complete lens assy  (minus ccd your old ccd is used)  this means you get a complete clean working unit restoring camera optics as back to new condition .


cost for this is normally around £138 with our standard 6mth warranty


Sand or Grit or dirt  in a lens

This price varies from model to model and depends of value of the camera and cost of parts .

for example to strip down a TZ20 - TZ30 to strip down the complete lens and clean out any particles clean the optics and rebuild


cost around £60 upwards  depending on how long it takes


DIRT ON CDD (compacts)

This is a common fault as if carried around in a pocket or used if dusty dirty condtions over time the lens sucks in particels which then find it on to ccd . This will put spots on images which normally show up worst on the sky . depending on how much is in the lens it might need the whole lens stripping cleaning as per above or just the ccd cleaning


cost starts from £45 depending on how long it takes

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